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Loves & Hugs

Loves are fashionable accessories for your arms! So we say that they are loves... not gloves. You can dress up any t-shirt, dress or blouse. Keep your loves tucked away in your purse like a pair of gloves for warm relief on a chilly evening. Nice to have a pair handy around the house just for warming up a cool pair of arms. Too warm for a heavy sweater? Is the air a little cool at the office? Do you just want to make a snappy quick fashion statement? It's loves that you need. Come on.... Loves makes the world go round!

Loves & Hugs

Loves - Brown & White Dots

Loves - Brown & Wedgewood Blue

Loves - Black & Aqua Tulips

Loves - Fuchsia & Chocolate

Loves - Black with Off White Dot


Hugs are a dynamite splash of color to accent your hips waist or chest. A very delightful fashion statement. Hugs are hip at your hips, peaking out of the bottom of your blouse. Hugs are perfect for that blouse or t-shirt that is too short. Everyone needs a hug now and then. Only Jillie Willie can hug you all day!

Hugs -Aqua & Brown

Hugs -Houndstooth

Hugs - Carribean Blue

Hugs - Bottom Ruffle

Hugs - Stripes

Hugs - Brown & Green Dots

Hugs - Aqua

Hugs - Chartruese

Hugs - Pink and brown

Hugs - Laser Cut

Hugs - Brown with White Dot